Week shopping list – plan your healthy food!

With a program WeekShoppingList  you can control your budget for food. It is created for people, who want to become vegetarians or raw food eaters or make a fasting cure with herbs teas and freshly squeezed juices and have limited budgets. For example Datis Kharrazian, functional medicine doctor, or Marva Oganjan, naturopathy specialist from Russia, developed such fasting cures. WeekShoppingList  will help you to calculate beforehand, which amount of products you will need for a week of such eating style and how much it will cost.

For example, you will know whether you have enough money to drink only cherry juice the whole week, and how much cherry you will really need for it. Or perhaps, it is better, when you add some apple juice, so it will be cheaper, and you or your family members won’t go bankrupt because of it. Food is not the most important thing in our life and expenses for it must stay reasonable. So you can spend saved money for self-development or good actions. Save your money, your health must not cost a lot!

For the calculations you have to:

  • Input your receipts
  • Input your product prices
  • Choose receipts for every week day
  • Input products, which you have at home, and which you don’t need to buy
  • Choose shopping time

You receive:

  • Shopping list for every shopping
  • Receipt plan for a week
  • Receipt descriptions

How to install WeekShoppingList?

First download phyton here Windows x86 MSI installer

Install python.

Download and extract  WeekShoppingList and WeekShoppingListTutorial

Click startGUIWS.py and make your week plan.


If you want to create new receipt or to add an ingredient, you will have to work with .csv files. You will have to write a text line, separated with commas, in file recepts.csv or ingredients.csv, which you can open with Notepad++


If you like this program, you can make donations with paypal to the E-Mail alexandrastelmach87@gmail.com.

If something doesn’t work, write a comment here or write to alexandrastelmach87@gmail.com.



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